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10+ Years of Real Estate Service Excellence

Look!! It says sold!!! ☺ You’re the best, Artin. I don’t think I can tell you enough how grateful I am for all the help you have given me and all your guidance. It’s been amazing working with you, and you better believe I’ll be your walking commercial, referring you to everyone I know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my version of the American dream come true.

Andrea BarbuGlendale, CA

I’m not surprised that you sold our house at all but I’m surprised at how fast and without any open houses and over asking! Thanks so much! Now find us a new home.

Rose SafianiSun Valley, CA

I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with Artin Sarkissian as a realtor. Throughout the entire process Artin was professional, conscientious, and motivated. My husband and I always felt as though we were his only clients. If you are looking for an educated, intelligent realtor that has ample experience in real estate and current market trends, you should contact Artin.

Artin made our purchasing experience very easy. He dedicated sufficient time for viewing each property and gave us his professional opinion, easing our ultimate decision. Our time was well spent on the properties that were chosen and Artin took the additional time to research each property that interested us. He was able to contact the listing agents immediately and was able to open escrow quickly. Artin was also very helpful in the escrow process. We built a good relationship with Artin and felt very comfortable in asking him questions relating to escrow and our lender. His advice was always sound and we felt very comfortable taking it.

All in all, Artin is a strong realtor that I think you would be pleased to work with. I have recommended him to my friends and family and look forward to working with Artin in the future.

Angela MalekianVan Nuys, CA

As a first time buyer, I was very careful about finding the right real estate agent. A friend of mine recommended Artin Sarkissian so I got in touch with him and set a meeting. I quickly realized how knowledgeable he was in the real estate business. He answered every question I had and immediately put a plan together to find me the right house. He completely understood the challenges and emotions involved in the process for a first time buyer. He educated me about the process and took his time to explain the details so I would make the right decisions. As a busy individual, he worked around my schedule and drove me around several areas because he wanted to make sure I am aware of several neighborhoods before deciding what area I want to focus on. he never rushed me or pressure me into making decisions… he was so calm and focused. Whenever I got overly excited on any property, he would remind me of the positives and negatives and help me come up with the right decision. He always came prepared with addresses already programmed in his GPS which helped us see many houses in a short time period. What I love the most about him is that he knew the documentation involved in buying a house and he helped me review and understand every document involved. what makes him stands out from other agents is that he has office support so whenever he is on the road or showing houses, he was able to still immediately answer my questions, look up information, process documents extremely fast and accurately. One thing I have to mention about Artin is that he is an AMAZING negotiator! When I asked him to make an offer on the property that I eventually bought, he offered the seller a lot less than what I was willing to pay.. I doubted him at first, but when he called me few days later that the seller agreed, I was shocked. I got an amazing deal on the house that I fell in love with. Thanks to his expertise on how to close a deal. My house that I just bought was appraised by the bank 35K more of what the purchase price was. Artin also helped me tremendously with my loan process… he was able to educate me of things I needed to know in order to get the best loan terms possible. After closing the escrow, Artin kept in touch with me even after the escrow closed… he is helping me with my remodeling projects… he actually has access to the best prices and the best contractors. Whatever quotes I would get, his referrals were able to save me 30-40% average. After my experience with Artin, I would never consider any other agent.

Bachar EraifejVan Nuys, CA

Thank you… great deal… you are a man of integrity… I loved working with you.

John FairbanksGlendale, CA

In our household, Artin is our realtor FOR LIFE. He helped us buy our condo 7 years ago, helped us sell our condo (sold within a week, closed escrow within 2 weeks!), and helped us buy our house a month ago. Perhaps we’re transacting so much just so we can work with him? Maybe =)

He’s HONEST and CREDIBLE which are the most important characteristics you want in an agent. It felt more like friendship than it did a business transaction. If he believed we shouldn’t put an offer on a house (even though it may mean big bucks for him) he would tell us straightforward his concerns.

He’s PATIENT which is truly appreciated especially if you’re a nervous buyer or seller and have a long list of questions. He makes you comfortable enough to ask all the questions you have… plus whip out list number 2 of questions! Oh the many questions the hubby asked…

He’s RESPONSIVE which is a characteristic that is missing from other agents. He returns phone calls, texts, and emails. He even texted us back while he was at his wife’s birthday party! If this isn’t going above and beyond, then I don’t know what is.

He’s KNOWLEDGEABLE which is very important and anyone who knows Artin knows that he as extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate market. My hubby was throwing construction and permit and building questions left and right and Artin knocked ’em all out. This was important to us as it weighed in our decision to buy a house or not. If anyone knows Glendale, it’s this guy!

He’s TECHNOLOGICALLY SAVVY which is impressive because I would get emails from him daily on listings that fit my needs. He would filter the listings for me! Now, that’s personal service right there.

And lastly, he’s KIND HEARTED. When he handed us our keys, he was also generous in a way that pleasantly surprised us and welcomed us into our new home.

Thanks Artin! Looking forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come!

Vahida KGlendale, CA

I would rate Artin 10 starts if I could. Artin has been very helpful and instrumental throughout my home buying process. He is the most honest Realtor in the business. He made sure I was 100% happy before I put in the offer, he was not pushy at all. Artin came very prepared each time we went to view a set of properties with plenty of details. I was in the market for a condo, so he came prepared with all the HOA information with a list of issues, pros and cons for each building.

He is truly “The Art in Real Estate”, he had answers to every question and if there was a question that needed a followup, I had an answer within hours. Not only did I drive him crazy with questions prior to my purchase, but even after the transaction. I purchased a unit in a building with a terrible management company and Artin has been there to answer all questions. He even came to the HOA meeting with me for guidance.

Artin has exceeded my expectations and gone above and beyond! I have already recommended Artin to several friends and each one of them can attest to his professionalism. If you are looking for a knowledgeable trustworthy real estate, look no further!

This is just a followup to my review above:

Rented out my unit in 5 days!!! Need I say more??? I think not!!!

Once again You Rock Artin!

Alice AbramyanGlendale, CA

I still can’t believe I’m almost don’t buying a house. Have I told you are amazing.

AliceGlendale, CA

Thank you, you are one of kind, Artin. ‘The Artin Real Estate’ was an amazing choice when I was searching for a honest Realtor. When I started looking for a home for rent in the Glendale area, there was an enormous demand for homes in the area at the time. Without the helpful, extremely patient, loyal, and most importantly, comforting agent on are side during this chaotic time, I would have probably ”threw in the towel.” Literally vetoing a short term goal of mine. “The Art in Real Estate,” utilized a great knowledge for the Real Estate market, instinctive negotiation skills, determined demeanor, and a, “Never Give Up,” attitude. This resulted in me ultimately moving into a beautiful home. My new home was exactly what I was looking for and it contained all the commodities I had requested my home to have when I had my first orientation with Artin. I am an extremely satisfied client of Artin, and I will definitely use him for any future Real Estate endeavors. I sincerely advise that it is a crucial decision when choosing an agent. My decision in choosing Artin, had to be one of the best decisions I made. I recommend him for any Real Estate transaction, and I was happy to see him be very versatile when approaching more complex Real Estate scenarios, This review is authenticated by my real life experience with Artin. Artin, you are not only the Artin Real Estate, you are a REAL ESTATE MASTERPIECE.

Badalian FamilyGlendale, CA

I am remarkably pleased with how professionally and smoothly you conducted this transaction on behalf of your client, Arthur.  Even my client, Iris, commented about how effectively and capably you handled things. I am well aware that Art made a great deal of personal information immediately available to your lenders, in order to make this happen swiftly.  He is a very conscientious gentleman, and Iris and we are extremely pleased with his responsiveness.  We all wish him and his wife many fine years in their new home. In this extremely volatile market, where lenders are changing rules and killing programs and deals on a day-by-day basis, you and your lender were clearly pulling rabbits out of hats, jumping through hoops, and making a very difficult lending market seem smooth and timely.  I would have been very happy to have had you conduct my own escrow in such a fashion.  Of the 4000+ transactions I have closed, this was one of the smoothest cooperative deals, and that’s saying something!

Barry BurnettBurbank, CA

I can’t thank you enough for all you did in helping me realize one of my biggest wishes: own my OWN property. And I must add, not just a property, but the best I could find within my search criteria. To be honest, I wasn’t even dreaming of having such a great property. And of course, all this is thanks to your hard work and dedication to what you do. You are the best agent one can find nowadays: honest, realistic, non-bias, professional, and punctual and of course very courteous. I must add, that it is very rare to meet somebody like you, who loves what they do and you can see it from the services they provide to you. I wish you the biggest success and good luck in your business. Keep up the great work and hope to work with you in future again. Thank you and take care!

Ellen MartirosyanGlendale, CA

We would like thank you for all your hard work and dedication for what you do the best. We must say, that out of all the other agents that we happen to meet during our house-hunting period, you stood out from the very first day by your honesty, dedication, and non bias advices, which helped us a lot as it is a long and time consuming process, but you made it very easy and effortless on our part of course. If all the agents were a little bit like you, the real estate would be a very pleasant and happy business. Again we want to thank you for helping us realize our dream of owning our first and hopefully not last property. Keep up your great dedication and hard work and hopefully we will work together again. We recommend you with greatest pleasure to our friends and family and are sure that they will have the same satisfaction in your services as we did.

Elen ZarkarianGlendale, CA

Working with Artin in the sale of our home was a true pleasure. From the beginning of the process, he was always available to explain all the details in a clear concise manner. He answered all of our questions and concerns promptly. From start to finish, Artin was articulate, professional and caring.”  Bob and Valerie Taylor    P.S. thank you for the wine and generous Mortons’ gift certificate.

Bob and Valerie TaylorGlendale, CA

I just wanted to thank you for my transaction. I buy and sale a lot of properties, and I had a great experience with you. You were very professional, kept me aware of the entire process of the transaction. You had great follow up, and returned my calls immediately. It was a pleasure working with you, and would highly recommend you.

Henrik AvanessGlendale, CA

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help.  As you already know I was very nervous in buying my first home. You made this experience very smooth and easy.  I appreciate your true opinion and suggestions.  What makes you a different real estate agent is that you never let me settle for just any house, you helped me find my home. One again, thank you very much for all your help!

Roobina TorossianSunland, CA

Thank you Artin, I was just curious about the property but Ill tell you what. I was very impressed with both your quick internet and personal response, and you presentation was excellent! Hard work and attention to detail like you have and you can be my Realtor anytime. I will spread your name around if I hear anyone looking to sell.

Paul PetraitisGlendale, CA

Artin was recommended to us by a friend who had recently used him as their realtor. When we contacted him, we weren’t quite ready to make a commitment to buy, but wanted to start thinking about the home buying process – regardless, he welcomed us as clients. Since we were new to Southern California and were very unfamiliar with the area, instead of asking us to go drive around and look for open houses, he actually offered to spend the next few weekends taking us around to various neighborhoods so that we could get an idea of what our money would buy us as well as narrow down the areas. We spent about 2 months doing this before my husband and I made up our mind to actually get committed and start seriously looking for houses. In the two months, Artin took us to look at homes literally every weekend, where several times, we saw houses that we liked and could have put offers on. Understanding that we weren’t quite ready to move into that phase, he never pressured us and really allowed us to take our time deciding what our next steps were. Also being first time homebuyers, we had several questions and found that he was extremely patient with us in answering our questions – even if we kept asking the same things over and over again.

Once we starting to seriously look, what we liked about Artin’s philosophy is that he wouldn’t let us buy a home if he didn’t think it would sell later on. This combined with his extensive knowledge on construction and quality of building materials really was invaluable during our search. Several times, we would walk into a house and think “this isn’t bad” and Artin would point out faults with the home or areas that were built well. This really showed us that he wanted us to get the best house and not just push us into a quick sale. We ended up actually looking at 110 homes over a period of 9 months. Any other realtor would have dropped us as clients 7 months ago, where again Artin was extremely patient and never pressured us into buying something we weren’t 100% happy with.

When we actually found the home we wanted, Artin worked with the selling agent to negotiate us a good deal on the house, as well as getting the seller to fix things that we requested. All went smooth until we were supposed to close process. Both the escrow company and lender made several mistakes which delayed our close date by 12 days. During this extremely stressful time, we really were thankful for Artin because he would deal with both of them to try to fix the situation – and even though we yelled at him several times, he knew we were under stress and never got mad at us. He even answered his phone every time we called knowing that we were very upset and are likely to yell!

Once we actually closed, Artin came by the new house with all of our paper work, a generous $3000 gift check and a bottle of very nice champagne!! We were very difficult clients. Not making up our mind for 2 months as to what we wanted, looking at 110 homes, and to top it all off, a very stressful closing period. Throughout the entire time, never once did he pressure us into making any decisions. He patiently educated us and fought for us when necessary, and to top it all of gave us a very nice gift for using him as an agent. He has definitely earned clients for life from us!

Chickoo and SushilBurbank, CA

We would like thank you for all your hard work and dedication for what you do the best. We must say, that out of all the other agents that we happen to meet during our house-hunting period, you stood out from the very first day by your honesty, dedication, and non bias advices, which helped us a lot as it is a long and time consuming process, but you made it very easy and effortless on our part of course. If all the agents were a little bit like you, the real estate would be a very pleasant and happy business. Again we want to thank you for helping us realize our dream of owning our first and hopefully not last property. Keep up your great dedication and hard work and hopefully we will work together again. We recommend you with greatest pleasure to our friends and family and are sure that they will have the same satisfaction in your services as we did.

Vachik & LonaLa Crescenta, CA

We recently purchased a home with Artin Sarkissian representing us in the sale.  We were in a time crunch with a toddler in tow and a new baby on the way. Prior to the actual home purchase, we spent several weeks with Artin scouring many listings in a wide area.  Artin made himself available to us at all hours, was honest in his feedback about the homes we looked at, and did his best to take care of details in order to allow us time to deliberate. Once the decision was made to buy, Artin negotiated an offer that we were satisfied with and helped us in expediting paperwork so that we could close escrow in under a month.  We would recommend Artin to any homebuyer who is serious about finding their next home.

Rhea and Mike KosteckaBurbank, CA

I am very blessed in Knowing you. You have been my support when I did not know whether I was coming or going .Thank you for being so patient and replying to all my questions and I know some of them were silly but you never grudged a reply. I was hassled by all the crazy companies trying to get a foothold on me and scare me and you gave me strength to go through and were always there when I needed your calm assessment of my plight. You handled everything in a way which was best for me and never took advantage of my not knowing things. I have nothing but praise for your ability to know what I was going through. Always Very punctual too!!! I am grateful that I was recommended to you and I will do the same for you. Thank You! Thank You!

Aban PatelGlendale, CA

Millions of thank yous cannot express the gratitude I have for your help with this next step in life (home ownership).Seriously there are very few people that I trust, and you have been able to be part of that group. Your patience over the last year and a half, your honesty and straight forwardness makes you so easy to work with and trust. I cant imagine having to go through this process without you. Thanks for going above and beyond what you had to…….and continue to do now! I truly appreciate it As you said this isn’t the end! Thank you!

Alin GharapetianBurbank, CA

A for Amazing! After working with a few different Realtors we were prepared to lower our expectations and settle on something less than what we had hoped for. Our dream of buying a house we could raise kids in and potentially retire in seemed to be fading.  Then we met Artin and planned a day to view some of his listings.  About halfway through the day we found our dream house- though slightly more expensive than what we had hoped to spend we decided to go for it and haven’t regretted it since.  The $5,000 bonus Artin provided at close of escrow also really helped with some home improvements we had hoped to begin.  We would recommend Artin to anyone we know looking to find their perfect home, the entire experience went better than we had ever hoped. Artin is Awesome.

Simon and MichelleBurbank, CA

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Artin Sarkissian, the exceptional real estate agent who helped me purchasing my first home. Artin Sarkissian was always expedient in returning my calls, searching for properties, and setting up tours. He offered me an objective viewpoint on each house I toured, thereby helping me with my decisions. Artin was very helpful in answering all my questions. In all transactions Artin was organized, thorough, and personable. I found him to be knowledgeable about aspects of realty that surpassed just the legalities of buying and selling properties, and furthermore I was consistently impressed by his willingness to research questions he couldn’t answer right away. As a person, Artin was a pleasure to work with! Easy to talk to, a good listener, easy to contact, and always prompt at returning my calls or answering my questions. I highly recommend Artin Sarkissian

Irena ManukyanGlendale, CA