Client Testimonial from Chickoo & Sushil in Burbank, CA

Client Testimonial from Chickoo & Sushil in Burbank, CA

I want to thank Chickoo and Sushil for taking the time to discuss their experience when working with me on finding them a new home and the kind words they shared with me. Thank you both!

Artin was recommended to us by a friend who had recently used him as their realtor. When we contacted him, we weren’t quite ready to make a commitment to buy, but wanted to start thinking about the home buying process – regardless, he welcomed us as clients. Since we were new to Southern California and were very unfamiliar with the area, instead of asking us to go drive around and look for open houses, he actually offered to spend the next few weekends taking us around to various neighborhoods so that we could get an idea of what our money would buy us as well as narrow down the areas. We spent about 2 months doing this before my husband and I made up our mind to actually get committed and start seriously looking for houses. In the two months, Artin took us to look at homes literally every weekend, where several times, we saw houses that we liked and could have put offers on. Understanding that we weren’t quite ready to move into that phase, he never pressured us and really allowed us to take our time deciding what our next steps were. Also being first time homebuyers, we had several questions and found that he was extremely patient with us in answering our questions – even if we kept asking the same things over and over again.

Once we starting to seriously look, what we liked about Artin’s philosophy is that he wouldn’t let us buy a home if he didn’t think it would sell later on. This combined with his extensive knowledge on construction and quality of building materials really was invaluable during our search. Several times, we would walk into a house and think “this isn’t bad” and Artin would point out faults with the home or areas that were built well. This really showed us that he wanted us to get the best house and not just push us into a quick sale. We ended up actually looking at 110 homes over a period of 9 months. Any other realtor would have dropped us as clients 7 months ago, where again Artin was extremely patient and never pressured us into buying something we weren’t 100% happy with.

When we actually found the home we wanted, Artin worked with the selling agent to negotiate us a good deal on the house, as well as getting the seller to fix things that we requested. All went smooth until we were supposed to close process. Both the escrow company and lender made several mistakes which delayed our close date by 12 days. During this extremely stressful time, we really were thankful for Artin because he would deal with both of them to try to fix the situation – and even though we yelled at him several times, he knew we were under stress and never got mad at us. He even answered his phone every time we called knowing that we were very upset and are likely to yell!

Once we actually closed, Artin came by the new house with all of our paper work, a generous $3000 gift check and a bottle of very nice champagne!! We were very difficult clients. Not making up our mind for 2 months as to what we wanted, looking at 110 homes, and to top it all off, a very stressful closing period. Throughout the entire time, never once did he pressure us into making any decisions. He patiently educated us and fought for us when necessary, and to top it all of gave us a very nice gift for using him as an agent. He has definitely earned clients for life from us!

Chickoo and Sushil